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BIRMINGHAM - Imran hameed has a mission. He wants to personally ensure that people are not afraid when they have someone with an Osama bin laden-beard. He has the organization ’Bearded Broz " was founded. In Birmingham, he has success and he is everywhere on the street recognized and embraced. Hameed ali know, however, that he still has a long way to go, but he has patience. Liz is on the lookout. A moment ago, Imran hameed ali, a successful businessman in Birmingham, its called. The diet where they are asking for will be about twenty minutes to be delivered. And hameed ali is a man of the clock, she knows from earlier experiences. The district, with Victorian buildings where Liz lives just outside the centre of Birmingham, is a "hard" neighborhood. A lot of drugs and prostitution. She has a difficult period behind and live in a shelter. "Alcohol," she says, unsolicited. "But I'm on the way back. Thanks to Imran. He helped me at the time that I am on a low sat. Not only with food, but also by his humanity. I have confidence in myself and other people recovered. I was once a chef. That I pick up now and again.” With the diet she makes meals for people in her neighborhood. The men make selfies with aid packages. Ⓒ FACEBOOK Helping people is what it's about, explains hameed ali in his office in one of the suburbs of Birmingham. "Thus, I follow the example of the prophet. Yes, islam is my religion, but we can help everyone. I don't ask for faith or sexual orientation. Do people need help? That question is the only thing that matters. What people do in their free time do, is their thing.” Hameed ali can't emphasize enough. "Of course, the values of islam and British values are combined. Which are not in conflict. I should think that the sharia laws are useful hard, but useful -, but here we have to deal with British laws, so we keep our. If you can't accept it, you should emigrate. Violence does not fit with islam. Those extremists with their attacks actions are not from islam. It is a cultural problem that from countries in Asia, such as Saudi Arabia, but also Pakistan and Afghanistan has blown over. But the problem is the culture, not islam. The qur'an says that no violence should be allowed to use.” On the way to a second appointment to see hameed ali how an apparent muslim man with a wife in black burqa to quarrel. With clenched fists. He seems to her to save. Bystanders walk away dismayed by, but hameed ali stops his car in the middle of the road and try to be the man to stop. This turns the anger against hameed ali. He says something in Arabic. "Think of God", explains hameed ali later. Effect has not. "A typical chauvinistic pig." He calls the school and the police to report the incident. "This man threatens his wife to save. That seemed to be able to defend themselves. But straight away the children's turn. Who are more vulnerable. It is my duty to protect them.” Also for garbage, they pick up their nose. Ⓒ FACEBOOK In his office-cum-storage space is a part of the shelves filled with food. The rest of the space is full of boxes with items that hameed ali by the entire country has bought. He is on plenty of areas: from web design to the repurchase of the estates of bankrupt companies. Hameed ali: "The food bank began after my mother last year died. She helped poor families from the part of Pakistan where they came from. I wanted that tradition to continue. Before that I was busy with my activities. Just like my father. That came in the late forties, to England. He started in a factory, but was soon successful with his first company. My older brothers and sisters have a bit of the difficult time experienced. I don't. I was the youngest. There was always money. A lot of money. I was with a Rolls Royce brought to school.” After his mother died, began hameed ali to look around. "I spoke to a homeless person. And another one. I thought that there is no real poverty was in England, but I realized that I blinkered lived. Of course, there are food banks, but which are only occasionally open. And often not in the vicinity. That's why we deliver the food personally, in the whole of the West Midlands region”, he means the province of the size of a quarter of the country. "And within three hours, in the middle of the night." It is not at the food bank remained. Together with his Bearded Broz - broz comes from the brothers - helps hameed ali, where possible. "From small jobs such as hanging curtains to mowing the grass. A few months ago dropped the vuilnisdienst. When are we dirt going to get. That was really nasty. But it does our reputation good. Of course, there is still fear, but my little bits of help. I'm convinced of it.”

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