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The community awards have been officially launched, they celebrate anyone in our community that goes that extra mile to help others, why not nominate someone you know today to receive an award by the Broz personally, they will also receive a engraved trophy and social media recognition for their efforts


Thanks for submitting!

Hazel, Christopher and Andrew have been coming for years to the food bank, Hazel and a team of 25 ladies knit and sew garments that can be used to give to families in need, their dedication and hard work is a tribute to them being beautiful human beings, putting differences aside and helping someone less fortunate.

We are proud in presenting them the Bearded Broz community award.




We have Donours and then we have superstars that donate so much more. Meet Iram the lovely donour who we didn’t ever meet as she was camera shy, without fail each month she would get loads of food and clothing for the food bank that we pickup from her moms house. So we had to track her down and show her that we appreciated everything she does for the community. Well done your a special unsung community champion.



I’m sure you will stand together in presenting this special award to Abdul from Lozells Birmingham Aka #ninjauncle.

A man in his late 50’s who runs a fruit and veg stall on Villa Road, when confronted by a thug attacking police intervened to help them, he was labelled the Ninja Uncle, for the one blow take down he performed.

We present to him the Bearded Broz community recognition award for bravery


Abdul Bhai.jpeg

Inderjit is a student of Sandwell Valley School. She is doing her GCSEs. Inderjit is an exemplary student of Sandwell Valley School. She has suffered a lot of set backs in the 12 years.

Inderjit lost her father in a car accident at a tender age of one and a half years. She had to therefore deal with a lot of challenges and obstacles as a child. Life was extremely hard but she coped and managed to excel despite all the hardships. Her mother also started suffering from poor health after the demise of her father. Inderjit looks after her mom cares for her and nurses her before and after school.

Her elder brother was unable to face the harsh realities of life after his father’s death and as a result he went into state of depression and has poor mental health. Inderjit also counsels her brother from time-to-time and coaches him basic maths & English.

The staff at Sandwell Valley School are proud of her achievements to date and have always praised her positivity and a can-do attitude in everything she does. Inderjit is one of the best performers in her GCSE class.



A man visually impaired, that has held not just the YCA community Centre, Sandwell for years but communities, someone that is described by work colleagues and community members as 

  • non judgemental

  • always there in times of need

  • Moral pillar 

  • a calm soul 


From social to professional attributes and honour to be around, someone that is always constantly reminding us to do the right thing, via actions or speech, open to all nationalities and religions. 

A magical heart beats within you our friend, thinking of others first and going that extra mile.


From the community to you this is your very own Bearded Broz Community award, well done. 



A woman who has suffered with cancer for years now, still under going treatment, who puts herself last always helping others first.

From Running community kitchens to organising Homeless boutiques, Anne is our special winner that was nominated by you the public several times to receive this award, for all the work you do, we would like to thank you 

From the community to you this is your very own Bearded Broz Community award, well done.



Meet Tracie, a volunteer at the Glebe Centre, Wasall, for years now helping on a voluntary basis.

Making a difference in the lives of others less fortunate than her, from feeding to clothing this is a true gem of our community.

An inspirational person with a generous heart always putting others first

From the community to you this is your official Bearded Broz Community award, well done



Meet Iftab, during the Covid 19 outbreak whilst we have keeping safe people like Iftab have gone that extra mile to help others in need.

Volunteers at the Salma Food Bank decided that it was time to recognize this mans efforts during this difficult period.

Covering a massive number of deliveries to never saying no in helping someone, Iftab you have been inspirational, keep up the good work and here is your official Bearded Broz Community award 



Guys meet Faith, at the tender age of 6 years what a true champion and beacon of light for us all.

During the Coronavirus Covid 19 outbreak this young lady has managed to raise a whopping £1500 for local causes, she walked and walked and walked some more, benefiting others.

Big shout out to Mom Gemma and dad Nigel and the two dogs that did the laps with her, Im sure a up and coming star in the making. 

A well deserved winner of the Bearded Broz Community award, well done Faith 



A special recognition of achievements for the late Henry Mcsheen, a man of brilliant character and community spirit, born 1947, a ice cream man, who couldnt see kids go without, a true hero to family and friends 


Well deserved award in remembrance. 


henry mcsheen.jpeg

Guys meet Kade, age 5 years, as we all, especially kids prepare for Xmas and are looking forward in getting lots of presents, this young man has done the opposite, he saved up all his xmas money to help the less fortunate, feeding and clothing the homeless and helping us with food at the foodbank.

Kade this is your official Bearded Broz Community champion award, well done Mom Jade for brining up such a lovely person, showing him empathy at this age. 



Bearded Broz - I’m sure you will all stand with me in presenting this #award to Adan for the #racist #attack suffered last week in West Park #Wolverhampton massive thank you to organisers Stand Up To Racism Black Country and here’s your winner #Beardedbroz #community #news massive thank you to Chop and Wok - HallGreen for their kind donation to the family also


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