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Pride Of Britain
#PrideOfBirmingham 2020

Congrats Team BB

Outstanding Achievement 2017/2018

Congrats Team BB

Unsung Hero Achievement 2018

Bearded Broz started life on the 14th June 2017; it was unfortunate circumstances of the devastating events of the Grenfell tower that sparked the beginning of this community project. Little did the members know that this community effort would find its way across the globe. Imran Hameed,the founder of Bearded Broz had already set up Salma Food Bank in June 2016, the food bank was setup in memory of his late mother Salma Parveen,who died when Imran was only 17 years old. The principles of the food bank were simple, not to take any money off anyone, seek out people that required help and then deliver the food aid directly to their door step,all of this to be done with the help of community donations of food and volunteer drivers. To date, the Broz have reached out and in fed in excess of 28,000 families and individuals in the West Midlands.

Project: Summer Bin Strikes

Summer bin strikes around the West Midlands led to misery for thousands of people. Bearded Broz with the help of other organisations collected around 100 tonnes of rubbish to make life easier for the residents of the West Midlands. The simple fact of cleanliness being half of a Muslim’s faith  drove them to achieve this great success. The media coverage including television was a rollercoaster ride that took the Bearded Broz to a national audience.  

Project: Emergency Food Bank

Salma Food Bank started life in June 2016 after Imran Hameed (Founder of the Food Bank) had a short conversation with his neighbour, who explained what and who Salma (Imran's mother) really was. The thought of an immigrant woman with very little English language skills helping her neighbours regardless of colour and religion was overwhelming. The Salma Food Bank has been featured in several media publications to date.

Bearded Broz is always looking to team up with like minded organisations in order to serve humanity. From feeding the most vulnerable to helping refugees in France, The Broz have covered a lot of ground in a short space of time.  They want to become beacons of light for Muslims and non Muslims alike. The group is made up of all colours, creeds and religions but is run on an Islamic ethos. A lot of our volunteers to date are people that have been helped by the Broz in the past and want to give something back to their community. They have had hundreds of enquires from up and down the country of potential volunteers that would love to replicate the model of charity, without money. The Bearded Broz have now moved onto making short documentaries highlighting community issues that affect us all, the visual engagement has been appreciated all over the world. Their documentaries and TV interviews have been dubbed in several languages with a massive 170 million total views worldwide to date. The projects they conduct are highly inspiring and are a very effective method of Dawah, leading by example.  Local authorities, schools and emergency services consider them as a fourth emergency service and local people consider the work of the Broz as highly educational. This organisation strives to put local issues first. Most of their work can be found on their website and across all of their social media channels.


Enjoin good, Forbid Evil (Quran)

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Mission Statement: To Raise Awareness of local community issues using Social Media Platforms, to promote Islamic Values and how they go hand in hand with British Values, in today's Multi Cultural Britain
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